Ugab Terrace Lodge

The most breathtaking view on Earth!!!

Welcome to the Ugab Terrace Lodge set deep in the heart of a rare and untouched mystery situated within Namibia’s famous tourist attractions.

We provide a unique African experience with friendly staff and delicious cuisine that will make you feel at home. Indulge yourself with the breathtaking view enjoying a refreshing drink and overwhelming experiences of bathing in a splash pool constructed in the natural rocks at the top of the mountain surrounded by un spoilt valleys and bush.

Treat yourself with our adventure tours and activities. A guided walk in nature to experience our lustrous vegetation, a thrill ride on the 15th longest zip line in the world, a nature drive to the historical Vinger klip and much more …

Our accommodation comprises of 16 chalets set in a semi-circle on the edge of the mountain with a panoramic view over open valleys and the ancient terraces formed by water corrosion millions of years ago.

End your stay with us with a guarantee of the most memorable sunset or sunrise in the world.

Restaurant with Divine Food

We offer a Restaurant with divine food and a bar overlooking the Rock Vinger and beautiful Ugab Terraces valley.

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